Pumpkin crafty days.

Its a relaxing Sunday here, what about you? My weekend was filled with new sights and new crafts. I wondered around Keene's Pumpkin Fest all day Saturday looking at the thousands of pumpkins carved by the towns people. (see photo) I was not a fan of the hot cider, but had an awesome pumpkin woopie pie! The atmosphere was nice and in the end I was so glad I went. After arriving back in Durham, I have been dealing with assignments for school and working on my current craft projects. I am finally making progress on my bird costume and had fun creating a case for my camera. (see photo) For the week coming up, I have much to look forward to. The Houston Ballet is coming to UNH and I will be attending. A relaxing weekend in Concord lies ahead and hopefully I make it to the new movie, Where the Wild Things Are. I am looking forward to hearing the sounds of Karen O in the movie. :) I hope everyone enjoys their upcoming week. I'll be bundled up from head to toe. Love, Jo