Happy Hump Day, as some would say. I was out and about by 8 this morning and I would have to say, it's nice to get a long list accomplished. After not so much rest last night (much frustration), I am rather worn out. Architecture got out early tonight and I left pleased. I presented my composition project, which I will post a photo of. I say 'photo' in regards to Mr. VanZandt at Mt. Vernon High. :) Classes are starting to pick up; with tests coming up soon, there is some studying to be done. Granny B requested I study, study, study I must. I am very much looking forward to the weekend. At last some exciting events are thrown my way. Friday afternoon will consist of me taking myself to Portsmouth to roam the brick streets and then possibly attend a party with Savannah. Saturday I'll catch up on homework and wait for the evening to arrive. When it does, Savannah and I will make our way over to Boston to see a band called, The Walkmen. Yayyy! :) Sweet photos are coming your way, so stay posted. I'll be back sooner than later. Enjoy your weekend! (Photos are of my new Wall of Fame and my composition piece for architecture.) love JO


Be proud.

Today was a great day. Two of my classes were cut short, allowing me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I got my first letter today from back home, I guess you could say that's why I am oh-so happy. After going to the gym to attend a, 'strength class,' (whatever that means), I was motivated to do whatever came my way. Main Street (or more like the middle of campus) was celebrating U*Day. With crowds of students, live music, food, and more, you would have thought there was a festival at UNH. The soul purpose was to spread the word about the organizations here at UNH. It opened my eye up to a lot and I am now looking forward to joining a few. One in particular is the UNH Organic Garden Club. I will partake in helping with the Garden in any way I can, at any time throughout the week, and met tons of great people. Until next time, take it easy. (Today's photo is of a hot air balloon that I saw at Bonnaroo. It was during the Wilco show on Saturday, I believe.) love JO


Just me in my little cancer shell...

It's a Sunday night and nothing is better than reading up on the Sydney Opera House with some Skittles. I choose that piece of art for my Architecture paper and am looking forward to writing it. My weekend was very relaxing and I have no complaints. I worked on Dans notebook and I created drawings to hang in my room. Today I attended Drews hockey game and then headed back here to Durham. It was a nice, peaceful weekend. I am really looking forward to Boston this weekend and am hoping I will enjoy the Walkmen (I don't have too many doubts). This week should be a normal week, consisting of: class, homework, the gym, and the joys of the East Coast. I was asked today if I missed home, my family, and Dan. I thought my response nailed it: I miss them, a ton, but not to the point where I would want to go back home. I'm only here for now; I'm going to make the most of it and do all I can do. And that sums it all up. (Photos are of the creations I made this weekend. The top one is a Phish fish that will hang on my wall soon. The botton photo is a page out of Dans notebook.) love JO ps- I can't WAIT to see my Mom and Bryan on Thanksgiving!! Of course, you too Lottie. :)