To the new year...

a peek at the home of Fiona Douglas
taken from the site Design Sponge
I have been trying to expand my internet surfing the last few months and tend to be stuck on a few that I really admire. I still follow Free Peoples blog, but sometimes want something more. Design Sponge is a daily website dedicated to home space and product design. My favorite part is the sneak peaks of interior space and how unique some peoples homes really are.
The first site belongs to two illustrators whom I came across on the Sponge. The concert posters they designed are what drew me in.
The second site below is the home space of Lizzy Janssen, a Free People designer. The white cat in the bath tub was just adorable. She has a wonderful touch.
Hope this gets to someone who will appreciate.
if the sites dont work, just google, ya know.