And I live while I'm young!!!

Hey there. Did you have a spooky one? There is nothing better than spending Halloween in New England. These people celebrate like the worlds coming to an end or something. I thought it was great. Friday I trucked over to Salem, Mass. to see what all the fuss was about. With all the museums, festive vendors, and wacky town people, it was well worth the trip. I would have to say though, the Portsmouth Parade on Saturday night, was right up there with Salem. I have never seen anything like that parade. It had an endless amount of over the top costumes ranging from witches on stilts, a cult of zombies, all the way to a huge kickass octopus. My bird costume turned out to be better than I expected. My face makeup and headband added to it well. I landed a new job at Me & Ollies Bakery in Portsmouth. I am beyond happy about it. The atmosphere is wonderful and my co-workers are the boom. I get to drink ice tea all day. Oh, how I've missed my tea. :) I hope everyone had a happy Halloween. It's one of those times where you can be whoever you want to be. I think it's safe to say I'll be taken my costume to whatever festival I make it to next year. And I've already been wiping up ideas for next year. Have a good and refreshing week. Love, jo