its one of those days where i wish i was at....Bonnaroo.

kickin back.
this bitch is my idol.
enough said.
pre-phish pose.
drew barrymore with face paint, yes.
I have some days where my mind takes over and I find myself fantasizing about the summer days. There is nothing better than to be able to lose yourself for a little while before having to come back to reality. And to get to experience those moments with friends you end up calling family, is the most wonderful thing of all. As I approach my departure for home in Illinois, I can't help but think of all the good times we have had. Christmas break is going to be a bundle of good times. love, JO.


and hello there, winter wonderland.

poor Jetta...i hope we survive the winter.
wonderland...sort of
kingsbury hall (engineering)
Good evening. Its Sunday and I am regrouping myself for the week ahead. I've worked ALL weekend and am now well overdue for some rest. I did get all my Christmas shopping out of the way and am well on my way to getting home. It snowed this morning for the first time and it was so beautiful. It took me forever to get my Jetta cleared off and ready to drive. I will definitely be more prepared next time. The pictures are what I took quickly this morning after breakfast. Enjoy. Until next time. Jo