I am officially done for the day and ready for the weekend. It was rather cool today, and although I am looking forward to the Fall and being able to wear long sleeves, I'm not so sure how the winter is going to be. I'm just going to have to grin and bear. Skiing and sledding will make up for the long walks I will have to make to class or the gym. I am signing up for my NH Outing Club trips tonight and am hoping to be able to attend the ones I have interest in. There are only a certain number of spots for every trip, so you can only hope your name gets at the top of the list. Wish me luck! As for the weekend, I don't have many plans. Savannah and I plan to hang out, somewhere and sometime. Hiking part of the White Mountains has also been a thought, but due to the rain coming I am not sure that will follow through. A trip to Concord is in store for me, due to Uncle Mike having some Architecture supplies for me. We will see where the wind takes me. I see it being a fairly nice weekend. Hope the same for you. Until next time, farewell. (Here's a photo of me jammin' with my instructor, Scotty. What fun we had!) JO


oh, how the wind blows.

Today was a rather busy one. With lectures and club meetings, it was full of adventure. I did enjoy myself and am looking forward to tomorrow. I like to think back on my highlights of the day, I usually tend to have more than one. Today's highlight was running into yet another Phish fan. He was in one of my lectures today and we chatted about our experiences that seemed very similar. It's like running into an old friend when you run into Phish fan. Pure happiness. In the afternoon, I attended the NH Outing Club and am very excited about the trips I will be taking with them. Attempted to join the Sailing Team, but that's really not in store for me. I am looking forward to Architecture tomorrow and am ready to present my drawings, or will be. That's all.Have a good one. (I thought it was necessary to include a little bit of my Phish show at Bonnaroo 2009 in my photos today.) p.s.-I hope you like the updates on my journal/blog. JO


relaxing weekend, now ready for the week!

It is me again. I was off the blogger for a little, but now I am back . Although I meant to blog, I never really achieved it. Here comes the new highlights: Lets start with the weekend. -- (Thursdays included). I went out with Danielle (roommate, who refers to me as, 'Roomie.' Need I say more) to a party that was decent. I had more fun socializing with others rather than finding out that I have absolutely no luck in rooming with complete strangers. Next year I will be an apartment, no questions. Friday I went out with my new friend, Savannah. We went to the soccer game, or I guess you could say we attended and gabbed the whole first half. After that, we went to Newmarket to the Stone Church for some local music. It's nice discovering new people and places you just purely enjoy. Savannah is fun and I feel we will have many adventures this semester. On Saturday I went to nearly twenty mintues of the football game and realized that New England football isn't much like home. I guess you could say I just needed our high school student section with me. I drove to Concord shortly after the game and enjoyed the rest of the weekend with my family. Sunday was spent in Stoddard with the Moore's. No access to the real world is nice every now and then. And back in Durhman again today. Great weekend I must say, nothing better than enjoying some New Hampshire sunshine. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well. It is sure nice to appreciate everything around and who you love near or far. (Here are photos of Thompson Hall and Highland Lake in Stoddard that I myself captured. :D) JO