Once you find an art that you are passionate about, it becomes yours and you will feel whole.

I attended a visiting artist show at the University Museum last night that gave me so much inspiration and I left with a desire to find "my art." I am in search of a certain art that I can grow with and make my life around that art. I have decided to start with sewing on my new machine and go from there. Maybe onto painting or sculpting, who knows. I dream of someday opening my own studio or shop. As I was browsing around on Design*Sponge today, I found a lot of articles that caught my eye. The first photos are works by Nate Duval, a designer based out of Mass. He does lots of poster designs for awesome bands I love. He uses lots of neutral colors and gives his images a nature kind of feel. The other photos are mural paintings by a company called, Redstart. I have always dreamed of painting artwork on the walls of my first home. I thought these were just beautiful. Someday soon!