my nest.

I still have some wall space to fill, but for the most part it's all just wonderful. I was just itching for this place ever since high school graduation. I have my own space for once, something very long overdue. I am thankful to be here and couldn't be happier. I do wish some of my dearest friends were right next door and that I had bird/cat/dog in my presence, but I will make do just fine. There are plenty of good spirits all around.

heres to something new.

When a person moves from one destination to the next, adjustments have to be made. Changes in his or her environment can be hard to adapt too, or at least I believe so. At the start of the summer I trucked me and my belongings back home to Southern Illinois to currently station myself in Carbondale. It was the biggest change of scenery I have yet to make. Instead of downtown shops and sailboats in view, I now adapt to the southern twang and the Shawnee Forest.
I have now attended three universities and hope to keep that number, although I already have ants in my pants after only three months in town. I do intend to graduate here sooner or later, but make many traveling experiences throughout my journey. Australia is already booked and two trips west are under way.
I am glad to have my blog back in action. I feel as though I will try and write more this semester with photos tacked along side. With my diary and sketchbooks for class, I have many creative pieces to keep up. I am not sure what hit me this summer; I hadn't one diary entry nor blog entry. Something left me, but it's back in full swing.'s to something new.