It's almost the weekend and proud to say, I'm starting my weekend early tonight. I had a rather busy day, with nothing other than lectures. Enjoyable, but ready for some socializing. Tonight I'm going to a gathering with my roommate, Danielle and new friend, Savannah. I am looking more forward to hanging out with Savannah, than going to this, "gathering." Frat boys and jungle juice just doesn't sound entertaining to me anymore. I'll dress up in my almost new jean jumper from my hometowns boutique. I am going to pass time by working on Dans book I have progressively been making him. I hope to post some photos on here of the final project someday because I am proud of it. As for the photo for today, its one of my very own! It's the back of my building (Serc A) and I like it because it shows a great view of the bench I usually talk to Dan on. And oh how i love his voice. Have a good Thursday night! JO


Greetings! Its a glorious day here in Durham and I am as positive as can be. Last night went well in Dover; I suppose you could say I was a busy bee. As you see in the photo, Lottie was as cute as ever. Poor little thing wasn't able to go into the fields, but nothing stops us!! Today has been busy, with buying books, being productive at the Diamond Library, classes, and the gym. Woooo-weee. Intro to Architecture soon, though!! Although my books for Architecture were no where to be found on campus, I sure did get a bundle of supplies for the course (thanks to Mom, once again). Even though school is going great, I am sure looking forward to the weekend. Loads of fun awaits me. Hope you all have had a good hump day, until next time. Jooo


In the midst of my busy Tuesday, I thought I'd like to share a little of what was going on. It's a bright and cheery day here, hope it is wherever you are as well. Mom, Uncle Mike, and Lottie Mae are coming up to visit tonight. Our plans are to go to Dover to watch my cousin's soccer game and grab something for dinner. I'm more than excited to show Lottie(6-pound puppy) my new pad. As fair as my classes go, I can't speak so highly of them. Gen. Eds blow! But on one hand, my Intro to Architecture rules!! Already have a sweet project in the works. As far as photos go for today's blog, here is one of my man Dan and I this summer. We sure did have a good one. Anywho, I say you get out and enjoy the outdoors today. love JO


So I said, "Lets just give this a try!"

Mid-day here in Durham, NH. I am loving this new location of mine and am more than happy to be here. I do miss my man, friends, and family back at home, but they will be there when I get off this little adventure of mine. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to my first class at 2:10. Reasons why: have something to do, meet a new person (or maybe two), and check out the classrooms. Campus here is great and I'm sure I'll post photos on here sooner or later. As for now, I'll post some out of the ordinary ones. :) I'm getting a good vibe from so called blogging deal. Maybe it'll be a new daily activity for me. Until later on, you keep it real San Diego. JO