nick-nacks, this and that.

my fairy and new icon for next years halloween.
she flies around at night.
sequined hummingbird.
Guatemalan worry people.
they capture your worries when sleeping.
bonsai garden in a Portsmouth shop.
view of walkway.
my first model. consists of a greenhouse and pavilions.
Relaxation Garden

winter wonderland coming soon.

I know, I's been too long. I've been away due to some nutty, 'computer men,' fixing my computer for weeks. They take all the money out of my wallet and 40gb of music on my Mac. My Macs reborn, yes, but much is missing from her. On another note, it's December. And who's antsy and excited for break? That's me, Jo. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break with my family and was very fortunate they got to come and visit. I was glad Savannah got to come and share our family meal and see how loony my family really is. My mom treated me to shopping on Black Friday. Yes, I went out in the madness. It was well worth it; I got a good inside look on some Christmas gifts. After all that though, I'm now just counting down the seconds till my flight home. As for this week goes, I'm going mad trying to get my Architecture final presentation, Wheelie Jo's, together for next week. Its a Cafe/Bike Shop (not by choice) and is coming together well, I believe. Tomorrow I'm venturing off to just about everywhere to find some well priced Christmas gifts. Maine first, then Portsmouth. With work and studies, I should keep busy this weekend. As for new photos to contribute to my blog, I have many to share. But for Thanksgiving and family photos, I don't have much due to my Aunt taking most all of them. This will have to do for now. Here is one of the family over at the Blossoms Tree Lighting party. The next is of Uncle Mike and the Turkey. I will post a separate post that shows photos of the nick-nacks I got at Cobblestone, along with a few others. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is getting ready for Christmas. I have my Adventskalendar here and in the making. Adios all, JO