in rain or

Hey all. Just got home for a day at Me & Ollies and now I am off to a night of studying. Its been a nice weekend here in New Hampshire, but I don't have that much to share with you. I went to the UNH Hockey game on Friday and got my school spirit on. Other than that, I've just been modeling and studying for tests all weekend long. Although it sounds weird to say, I am looking forward to my busy week. I am scheduled to job shadow a Graphic Designer at St.Pauls this week and am really excited. I am looking forward to seeing was this woman does daily and what all the job entails. For photos today, I don't have much. I found this inspiration quote on a blog while stumbling and liked it. Also a picture of my new shoes that I can't wait to sport this week!! I went on a limb last week and trucked up to Maine to the Aldo outlet. They were a deal, nothing better. Hope everyones week goes well.
Love, JO