Look now

As I anxiously await 5:30, I figured I'd post something short and sweet. Mainly so I could put up pictures of.....Fallll! On my quick trip to Concord yesterday, I just had to stop along the way a capture some of the wonderful colors. I hope you enjoy! I am about to depart to Maine and am very excited. White water rafting on the Kennebuc River for me tomorrow! It is going to be very cold, I've been told. I am prepared with the right wear, but I don't know how I will handle it. My adrenaline will get me by, I suppose. We are camping on the site, and are assigned to be there at 8:00am. Wish me luck on this epic journey of mine. Who knows where it will take me. Fighting off a bear at night, swimming furiously to the raft, or as Mom put it, lost in the woods. I'll report back soon after the trip. Have a good weekend all. Love, JO


Breaking New Grounds

'Breaking New Grounds,' is the coffee shop I have visited many times recently. I have found a latte that can take place of my usual tahitian vanilla for now. My week is flying by me, without any time to look back. I hope you all enjoy the new improvements to my blog; I enjoyed editing it. With my trip to Maine coming up this weekend, getting everything done before hand has been complicated. It'll all work out though. I leave Friday with 10 other N.H. Outing Club members to the Kennebuc River in northern Maine. We will camp out Friday night, then raft all day on Saturday, and make it back to Durham on Sunday. Oh, what an adventure it will be. I'll try and snap some shots. Here are a couple photos I took on campus today. (The Little Red Stony Wagon and one of the few trees that has changed.) It was cloudy, but had a nice feel to it. Love, JO ps-I miss everyone.


''Come go away with me...'' da da da da....

Oh, what a tackle this week will be. It's been a long one already, but I'm going to make it. I had a wonderful weekend, but am now overwhelmed with all the work I must catch up on. Exams coming up, and I need to hit the library soon. Savannah and I sure did have a good night in Boston/Cambridge. With the atmosphere of the Middle East venue, M.I.T. students, and the joy of small fun bands, I could not have asked more. I envy the style of the Boston residents. Other than the beautiful music The Walkmen put off, admiring everyone around me was a big part of the night. It is too bad that most back in Southern Illinois don't present themselves with style. I give it all I can and I feel my wear improves everyday. Wish me luck throughout the week. I'll be going full blast, I can feel it. (Photos are of The Walkmen. The next one is of us in a cool walk way.) Enjoy your week. LoVe, JO