Portfolio Fall 2011

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Once you find an art that you are passionate about, it becomes yours and you will feel whole.

I attended a visiting artist show at the University Museum last night that gave me so much inspiration and I left with a desire to find "my art." I am in search of a certain art that I can grow with and make my life around that art. I have decided to start with sewing on my new machine and go from there. Maybe onto painting or sculpting, who knows. I dream of someday opening my own studio or shop. As I was browsing around on Design*Sponge today, I found a lot of articles that caught my eye. The first photos are works by Nate Duval, a designer based out of Mass. He does lots of poster designs for awesome bands I love. He uses lots of neutral colors and gives his images a nature kind of feel. The other photos are mural paintings by a company called, Redstart. I have always dreamed of painting artwork on the walls of my first home. I thought these were just beautiful. Someday soon!

There was nowhere to go, but everywhere, so I just kept rolling under the stars. - Jack Kerouac

The best thing is life is friendship. Knowing that someone truly understands you for who you are is one of the greatest feelings ever. To connect on another level and know that you were meant to find each other sooner or later. The best friendships are the ones that last through distance and time. I'll be doing CA with S. Winer soon. I can't wait to see the Pacific Ocean with her, drive down the coast, and talk about our horoscopes. It sure has been way too long. ps- the first photo was featured on Design Sponge. its a drawing from Jill Bliss' nature drawing journal. pretty awesome if you ask me.


summer dreams

I have recently sprung into spring mode and can't really get it off my mind off my adventures for this summer. This might be the best 3 months of my golden years yet.
I heading to Bonnaroo again this year and have rounded up a great group of friends to go with. And shortly after that I'll be heading out west to see my best friend in northern California for my first trip out that way. Its been a long time coming. On top of all the fantastic trips, I've been offered a graphic design position to work under my friend Mary for the summer. And best of all, they don't mind my vacationing!
I'll be living in the same place I'm at now for another year and am looking forward to grilling out and listening to records with my man when I am in Southern Illinois. Now all I have to do is get through these next 7 weeks of classes, and I'm summer free.

A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake.--Elizabeth Gilbert

Everytime I watch Amelie (bottom photo), it makes me wonderful instead and thankful to have someone to love. I am all about spending your time with someone special. Someone who makes you feel real and yourself.