If only I could fly...

It's becoming a ritual to post on Sundays and I'm sort of liking it. This weekend I was busy with my model for architecture and finishing my bird costume. I got a good start on my model and finished my presentation board. Photos of them are posted. It's quite insane that I am not even near the finish mark with my model, just contours for now. I did accomplish getting my bird costume done and I am more than excited for my flight to Salem, Mass. this weekend. Halloween better bring me some spooky memories. I feel accomplished with all I've done this weekend and I am ready to take on the week. I entered a contest for some Monster of Folk tickets and party passes, so you better wish me luck. Come on Bostons independent radio!! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves. Being my friends, you all better have the most well thought out costumes. Lottie will be sporting her hot dog this weekend, along with her friends Mimi and Tuffy. Have a good week all. Love, Jo

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