Thats nice, isn't it? -edie

Thanksgiving break was nice, saw friends and feed my belly with lots of calories. With work I had to come back early, but that led me to put up my Christmas tree and get somewhat in the spirit. The first two photos are at my Moms house in Mt.Vernon of a tunic she got me from Lifes Little Perks. The next is clearly little Lottie Mae waiting anxiously for a nibble of ham. So cute.
Before I left for break, I watched the movie Factory Girl with some friends and couldn't get it off my mind since. Edie Sedgwick was truly remarkable and moving. I hope to learn more about her.
As for now, I'm just enjoying the rest of the semester. Waiting impatiently for break!!
xo, jo

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  1. i have the BEST edit book ever - it's full of quotes from her and anecdotes about her life from those who knew her and TONS of photos. I'll bring it home when I come so you can borrow it!


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