Be proud.

Today was a great day. Two of my classes were cut short, allowing me to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I got my first letter today from back home, I guess you could say that's why I am oh-so happy. After going to the gym to attend a, 'strength class,' (whatever that means), I was motivated to do whatever came my way. Main Street (or more like the middle of campus) was celebrating U*Day. With crowds of students, live music, food, and more, you would have thought there was a festival at UNH. The soul purpose was to spread the word about the organizations here at UNH. It opened my eye up to a lot and I am now looking forward to joining a few. One in particular is the UNH Organic Garden Club. I will partake in helping with the Garden in any way I can, at any time throughout the week, and met tons of great people. Until next time, take it easy. (Today's photo is of a hot air balloon that I saw at Bonnaroo. It was during the Wilco show on Saturday, I believe.) love JO

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