Just me in my little cancer shell...

It's a Sunday night and nothing is better than reading up on the Sydney Opera House with some Skittles. I choose that piece of art for my Architecture paper and am looking forward to writing it. My weekend was very relaxing and I have no complaints. I worked on Dans notebook and I created drawings to hang in my room. Today I attended Drews hockey game and then headed back here to Durham. It was a nice, peaceful weekend. I am really looking forward to Boston this weekend and am hoping I will enjoy the Walkmen (I don't have too many doubts). This week should be a normal week, consisting of: class, homework, the gym, and the joys of the East Coast. I was asked today if I missed home, my family, and Dan. I thought my response nailed it: I miss them, a ton, but not to the point where I would want to go back home. I'm only here for now; I'm going to make the most of it and do all I can do. And that sums it all up. (Photos are of the creations I made this weekend. The top one is a Phish fish that will hang on my wall soon. The botton photo is a page out of Dans notebook.) love JO ps- I can't WAIT to see my Mom and Bryan on Thanksgiving!! Of course, you too Lottie. :)


  1. did you buy the joy cd? you may have to burn that and send it to me next....darrell and me had a very phish infused night saturday downtown and i think i need to get my hands on that cd now!

  2. O my how I love to hear about your day. Love the photos and your Phish drawing. You are truly a gift to me and your brother. Love love!

  3. P.s. Could you please come up with something other than just me in my little cancer shell? Please. xoxo


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