''Come go away with me...'' da da da da....

Oh, what a tackle this week will be. It's been a long one already, but I'm going to make it. I had a wonderful weekend, but am now overwhelmed with all the work I must catch up on. Exams coming up, and I need to hit the library soon. Savannah and I sure did have a good night in Boston/Cambridge. With the atmosphere of the Middle East venue, M.I.T. students, and the joy of small fun bands, I could not have asked more. I envy the style of the Boston residents. Other than the beautiful music The Walkmen put off, admiring everyone around me was a big part of the night. It is too bad that most back in Southern Illinois don't present themselves with style. I give it all I can and I feel my wear improves everyday. Wish me luck throughout the week. I'll be going full blast, I can feel it. (Photos are of The Walkmen. The next one is of us in a cool walk way.) Enjoy your week. LoVe, JO

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