Breaking New Grounds

'Breaking New Grounds,' is the coffee shop I have visited many times recently. I have found a latte that can take place of my usual tahitian vanilla for now. My week is flying by me, without any time to look back. I hope you all enjoy the new improvements to my blog; I enjoyed editing it. With my trip to Maine coming up this weekend, getting everything done before hand has been complicated. It'll all work out though. I leave Friday with 10 other N.H. Outing Club members to the Kennebuc River in northern Maine. We will camp out Friday night, then raft all day on Saturday, and make it back to Durham on Sunday. Oh, what an adventure it will be. I'll try and snap some shots. Here are a couple photos I took on campus today. (The Little Red Stony Wagon and one of the few trees that has changed.) It was cloudy, but had a nice feel to it. Love, JO ps-I miss everyone.

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  1. Enjoy this so much. I will say that most people I know here in So.Il have a sense of style. Just a style that is all their own. You have to own it! Love the new photos on the blog. Keep it up. PS miss u too!! mom


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