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As I anxiously await 5:30, I figured I'd post something short and sweet. Mainly so I could put up pictures of.....Fallll! On my quick trip to Concord yesterday, I just had to stop along the way a capture some of the wonderful colors. I hope you enjoy! I am about to depart to Maine and am very excited. White water rafting on the Kennebuc River for me tomorrow! It is going to be very cold, I've been told. I am prepared with the right wear, but I don't know how I will handle it. My adrenaline will get me by, I suppose. We are camping on the site, and are assigned to be there at 8:00am. Wish me luck on this epic journey of mine. Who knows where it will take me. Fighting off a bear at night, swimming furiously to the raft, or as Mom put it, lost in the woods. I'll report back soon after the trip. Have a good weekend all. Love, JO

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