Brrrrr.....its cold.

I guess you could say I am a trooper or just lucky I'm not sick. Quantum Nucleotides saved me. My weekend in Maine was well worth the cold and one I'll never forget. Friday night as we pulled into the campsite we were told it was to get around 20 degrees over night. And boy, did it ever. The scenery was unbelievable and I'm disappointed to say I didn't take many photos. A few highlights were: seeing my first moose, paddling through a 40 foot wave, and seeing trees as far as your eye can go. I hope I get to experience it all again, but this time with the ones I love. As for what is new in Durham, there isn't much to put on the table. A week full of exams and work, I can already say I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend in Concord. The hunt begins soon for my Halloween costume. Salem awaits The Birds at the end of the month. Have a good week, y'all. (the first photo is of our group over the weekend, posed in front of the Windfall sign. second photo is of the one shot I captured.) Love, Jo

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