Sweet Caroline

Hello, there. It is practically the weekend, and I couldn't be happier. I am planning to truck to Concord for the weekend, to relax and get some work done. The forecast says rain all weekend, so that calls for a lot of mandatory down time. Last night I attended the Toronto vs Red Sox game at the old Fenway Park. It was a nice night with the family and the atmosphere resembled a little community. It would have been great to walk out of the park to all the madness 2 years prior at the World Series. I can't imagine what kind of nonsense went on then. All the more, my photos today are from my evening. There were, as any other baseball game, numerous little boys insisting endless amounts of food. :) As for the campus life goes, I can't complain. In Architecture we are starting our Kitchen & Bath project which I am oh-so excited about. The dining halls are offering me sushi numerous times throughout the week now. Life's good. Take it easy, all. Love, JO

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