oh, how the wind blows.

Today was a rather busy one. With lectures and club meetings, it was full of adventure. I did enjoy myself and am looking forward to tomorrow. I like to think back on my highlights of the day, I usually tend to have more than one. Today's highlight was running into yet another Phish fan. He was in one of my lectures today and we chatted about our experiences that seemed very similar. It's like running into an old friend when you run into Phish fan. Pure happiness. In the afternoon, I attended the NH Outing Club and am very excited about the trips I will be taking with them. Attempted to join the Sailing Team, but that's really not in store for me. I am looking forward to Architecture tomorrow and am ready to present my drawings, or will be. That's all.Have a good one. (I thought it was necessary to include a little bit of my Phish show at Bonnaroo 2009 in my photos today.) p.s.-I hope you like the updates on my journal/blog. JO

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