It's almost the weekend and proud to say, I'm starting my weekend early tonight. I had a rather busy day, with nothing other than lectures. Enjoyable, but ready for some socializing. Tonight I'm going to a gathering with my roommate, Danielle and new friend, Savannah. I am looking more forward to hanging out with Savannah, than going to this, "gathering." Frat boys and jungle juice just doesn't sound entertaining to me anymore. I'll dress up in my almost new jean jumper from my hometowns boutique. I am going to pass time by working on Dans book I have progressively been making him. I hope to post some photos on here of the final project someday because I am proud of it. As for the photo for today, its one of my very own! It's the back of my building (Serc A) and I like it because it shows a great view of the bench I usually talk to Dan on. And oh how i love his voice. Have a good Thursday night! JO


  1. frat boys and jj will always be appealing in one way or another. beacuse sometimes you need the juice to start laughing at those goo


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