peace. this one goes out to Karen O. part inspiration to bird costume 2009.
too bad Mom only had hers for 3 months. :(
These are from a blog, 'I'm a Polaroid - Where are you?' Someday I hope to get my hands on a vintage Polaroid or maybe Mom still has her old one some where in storage. I am not sure if its the unique color that is exposed in them or the fact that the photos are developed instantly, but I dig the outcome of almost every Polariod shot I've seen. Anywho...I am doing good up here on the east coast and am looking forward to the weekend. I'll partake in a night out with the roommate, Danielle, maybe a few homecoming events, and a Sunday in Boston with Savannah. I am looking forward to the second hand shops in Boston and a good lunch out. Hopefully we will find some things to begin our bird costomes for 10/31! That's all for now. Have a good one. Love, JO

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  1. fuji instax, it's a new polaroid camera and it's on $50 on! i so want one


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